Yaşar Çelik

Yaşar ÇELİK was born in 1927 as a son of a humble family in Şahnalar Village. Her mother is Nazifa Lütfiye Hanım and her father is Mehmet Çelik. Until about 15 years of age, he couldn't start school because there was no school in the village and he spent his days helping his father in the village. In 1945, the father and son took the first step in transportation with their horse-drawn carriages to sell the vegetables and fruits, that they produced, to other countries.

He married Emine Çelik at the age of 17. In 1945, his first child, Müzeyyen Kızıltan, was born. He applied for his military service on April 20, 1948 and was sent to Maçka Gendarmerie School, where he took literacy lessons for 5 months. When he was a literate corporal, he went to Zonguldak-Safranbolu as a result of the distribution and after completing 1 year here, he went to Karabük Iron-Steel Police Station. He was sent to Eflani six months later and finished the first ten months of his military service,  on October 15, 1951, he completed his military service. Fatma Yeşilyaprak, his second daughter, was born in 1951. During these years he dealt with poultry, animal husbandry and transportation.

Later, he took his first truck with three partners and continued his transportation business. His son Ayhan ÇELİK was born in 1955. In 1956 -58, he bought a few more trucks and continued his coal transportation business. In 1960, he opened his first company, Ayhan Nakliyat, in Ankara. He worked as a manager at Karabük Truckers Cooperative between 1960 and 1970. In 1965, Yeniçağa Transportation Company was established by a group that was leading in transportation and Yaşar Çelik was among the partners. However, the company was closed in 1970.

Mr. Çelik, who wanted to quit transportation in 1970, sold 10 trucks, 1 trayler car and 1 car that he has acquired so far, and bought the brick factory established in Ankara. In the same years, he bought DYO shares from Çeşme Altınyunus, shares from Pınar Süt, shares from Ziraat and İş Bank, shares from Asıl Çelik and Mavi Çelik. In 1974, they established the Üçel Company with three partners in Yeniçağa and became the dealer of DYO, Tofaş and Royal Tires. But with the death of one of the partners, the company name was changed to Çeliker Company. Again, he won the tender for the Black Sea and Ereğli Iron and Steel Factory in 1974. During these years, he increased the number of cars to one hundred and owned two factories. Again in these years, he bought three franchises from Koç Group. In 1980, Yaşar Çelik's wife Emine passed away. After those years, Yaşar Çelik came to Istanbul and established Çelikay Company in Istanbul in 1981, who wanted to carry her business life to the international platform. In the 80's, he continued to transport to the Middle East and Germany, and again during these years, he met with Ro-Ro truck ships and took part in the board of directors with Saffet Ulusoy. In these years, he married with Şermin Hanım, his second wife. In the 90s, when the transportation business was continuing rapidly, he undertook the transportation works of the Gentaş Verzalit factory and became a partner of Yaşar Çelik Gentaş I.C. during the sale of the shares of Gentaş I.C. Philanthropist businessman Mr. Yaşar Çelik, who started his transportation business with horse carriages in 1945, continues his transportation business with his company headquarters in Çelik Pendik, Istanbul.

The philanthropist businessman known as Yeniçağa's Father and our school's leader, Yaşar ÇELİK, past away on May 9, 2019.